5enses V60 Recipe

5enses V60 Recipe

5enses V60 Recipe


Words : Ben Hepworth



Easy to use, the V60 is a percolation method of extraction which allows water to pass slowly through the coffee whilst drawing out its distinct flavours. The paper filter removes unwanted sediments and oils which leave you with a beautifully clean tasting coffee.



This is one of my favourite methods of extraction and one which elevates the sensory experience for which the 5enses subscription was inspired. V60 extraction brings me such a sense of calm and really helps focus on the mindful process from bean to cup and cup to consumption.



The aesthetics of the filter paper settled inside the v shape cone which in turn sits patiently upon a clear glass carafe resembles, to me, something very ritualistic and which creates an atmosphere which invites a calm focus, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into living in the moment. 



The V60 delivers clear flavours and aromas which are highlighted in the cup, ensuring even the most subtle flavour notes are detected. 



The slow methodology of brewing mindfully doesn’t just benefit you, by adding water slowly, and ensuring the correct grind to enable a slow flow, allows for a more even extraction to occur which will result in a balanced cup. Acidity compliments sweetness resulting, depending on the coffee which has been sent to you, either rich chocolatey notes, juicy fruit flavours or a more complex balance of the two. 



You will see below I have created an extensive list of equipment however, not all are necessary to enjoy the experience and so, if you don’t have any item which is marked with an * - don’t worry, I have added alternatives in the brew guide.



Brew Guide



Equipment: Hario V60, Filter Paper, Grinder*, Kettle, Scale*, Timer, Carafe*, Mug



Recommended Coffee: Huila, Columbia



Water: Filtered Water, 95°c



Time: 2-3 minutes



Dose: 12g Coffee // 200g Filtered Water



one // prep.



If you have a temperature-controlled kettle, heat your water to 95°c, if not, water just off the boil will be fine. Whilst the water is reaching temperature, fold the edge of your filter paper to create a cone and place it into your V60 brewer. With your freshly boiled water, rinse the filter paper to prevent any contaminants entering your coffee during the extraction phase. Finally, discard the water which now sits in your carafe or cup.



two // grind.



If you haven’t ordered your coffee preround, you will need to weigh out 12g of beans on your coffee scales. You will then need to grind these beans aiming for a consistency that resembles table salt which is a medium to fine grind. If you don’t have scales, three heaped teaspoons of coffee roughly equate to 12g.



three // bloom.



Add your freshly ground coffee into the V60, shake carefully to flatten out the bed. Assemble your carafe, dripper and coffee onto your coffee scales and remember to tear. Now, over a period of ten seconds, saturate all the coffee with 30g of water, ensuring to pour in a slow circular motion. Once done, allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. This bloom phase deoxidises and releases all the gasses that are held within freshly roasted coffee, producing a cleaner cup.  



four // pour.



At the 30 second point, the bloom phase is complete, and you can now add, over a period of 30 seconds, the remaining 170g of water, taking you up to a total of 200g. Remembering to focus on a slow, methodical circular motion as you pour, allowing for an even extraction. Once at the 200g point, gently swirl and tap the v60 momentarily before leaving the coffee to fully extract, this should be achieved between 2 minutes 30 seconds and three minutes.



five // consume, mindfully.



Pour the freshly extracted coffee into your favourite, pre warmed mug and take your time to enjoy. As the coffee cools, notice the flavours change.