Speciality Coffee x Mindful, Minimalism.


Coffee, Redesigned

We're an independently owned small batch, speciality coffee roaster with an uncompromising objective; to change the way coffee is not only considered but consumed.

The Coffee Break, Reimagined.

‘”I wanted to create a brand that reminded people that we are all human beings and not human doings as, somewhere along the way, we have convinced ourselves that doing is far more valuable than being. With this in mind, Thorn & Thistle became a passion project, born out of a desire to stand for a cause rather than applause, we began working on changing the coffee narrative from being a hurried habit to a mindful moment. 

Utilising our speciality coffee as the platform, our hope is to encourage the practise of a more informal approach to mindfulness, one which has all the same physical and mental health benefits associated with its meditative cousin, but which integrates itself casually into your already existing routines, such as making your morning coffee.”

Ben : Founder, Thorn & Thistle

Mindfulness is the idea of learning how to be fully present and engaged in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings without distraction.


When investing in our coffee to brew at home, you are creating, crafting and focusing on not just a beverage, but also a lifestyle. One which invites calmness, stillness and a conscious sense of living in the moment.