Our Story

A new kind of coffee company.

Conceived with the sole aim of helping people reconnect with themselves in this modern, over stimulating world by using speciality coffee as the catalyst for change.

The idea of mindful coffee is one of inviting a sensory, holistic approach to extracting and consuming quality coffee, promoting the exploration of your creativity and immersing yourself into living in the moment.

We exist to dispel the mystique surrounding the mediative practises of mindfulness and to create an inclusive community of happy, healthy coffee enthusiasts.


Speciality grade arabica coffee is an investment. It’s hard to farm and expensive to cultivate due to the fact that the ideal terrain for its development is set in places that are hard to access, thousands of metres above sea level.

We recognise this and remain grounded in the knowledge that as a speciality coffee roaster we have an obligation to only partner with responsible importers and where possible, trade directly with small farms themselves.

This allows for an ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain with people who share our values and ethos.


When acquiring our coffee to brew at home, you are not only purchasing a beverage, but you’re also investing in a lifestyle, one which promotes creativity, experimentation and a conscious sense of living in the moment.

Introducing new routines around how you extract and consume coffee as you begin a new day will naturally invite a calming sense of stillness which focuses the mind and improves mental wellbeing.

As coffee also contains natural sources of antioxidants and useful nutrients including riboflavin (vitamin B-2), niacin (vitamin B-3), magnesium and potassium, there are physical health benefits too.


From day one, we have only ever used environmentally conscious packaging.

As a responsible business but more importantly, a steward of the planet, it is our moral obligation to respect and take care of the natural world as much as it takes care of us.

Sustainability is so important to us. We package all of our products in fully recyclable bags however, we know we can do much more and as such we are working towards reducing waste and minimising our impact on the planet.

The Difference

We’re driven in our pursuit to make people healthier; mentally and physically. We believe there is something good and beautiful in coffee and have passionately developed a brand that intertwines our own beliefs and lived experiences in the hope of helping and inspiring others to achieve balance and wellbeing in their life through coffee and the positive practises of mindfulness.