Revival - Blend
Revival - Blend

Revival - Blend

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Region – Northern, Central Huila + Minas Gerais, Brazil

Process – Washed + Pulped Natural

Roast Profile - Medium

Varietal – Castillo + Catturra (Yellow Bourbon)

Elevation - 1200 – 1600 masl

Notes From The Roasters Table

Chocolate, Toffee, Dates


A collaboration of two exceptional coffees. When developing our first blend we wanted to create a consistent, smooth, classic brew which laid the foundation for our brand and ensured we set the bar high for future collaborations.


Blending coffee from Fazenda Do Salto, Brazil & Huila, Colombia we were able to combine and balance the rich chocolatey notes typically found in Brazilian coffees with the mellow acidity found in the Huila resulting in a rich, full-bodied cup.


We believe that revival works best as a base for all espresso based drinks, as well as being versatile enough to create a smooth cup from cafetière + AeroPress extraction.


We only use 100% speciality grade arabica coffee. The favour notes highlighted in all of our coffees are derived naturally from the profile of the coffee itself. We don’t add any other flavour or ingredient. 


Fantastic people to deal with. Really helpful and knowledgeable. The coffee is sooo good and smells divine. Will definitely be buying more. Thank you Thorn & Thistle

Katy Stringer

Amazing coffee from lovely people. I drink espresso and very fussy with my coffee and for me, it has to be full of flavour. Ive thoroughly enjoyed every blend I've tried!

Christie Raymer